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Ensure Your Kitchen is Following the Latest Gas Regulations

04 / 10 / 17

Commercial kitchens must adhere to a number of regulations to ensure that the foodservice operation runs smoothly and safely - gas interlocking are one of the most important of these regulations.

Gas interlocking systems are manufactured and installed to ensure that the gas supply to the kitchen is shut off in the event of a fan failure.

With recommendations given out to commercial kitchen operators, it is advised that gas should not be available in a commercial kitchen if at the start, or during the course of the day the fans fail or are turned off.

Having the right gas interlocking components is not only a legal requirement to comply with regulations and legislation, but it also ensures that the operator is providing a safe cooking environment for all kitchen staff.

The Gas Solenoid Valve must be interlocked with the ventilation to ensure gas is not present if the fans are not working. If catering equipment is not fitted with Flame Failure Devices then a gas proving system should be fitted.

Our team here at Phoenix are all extremely experienced with the supply and installation of gas interlocking systems and we ensure that all of engineers hold the correct qualifications to do so.

If you would like to learn more about gas interlocking systems, how our team works or get a free quote from one of our friendly staff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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